25 days of Christmas

Not a creature was stirring; not even a... Penguin.

The month of December I had a BIG video project I was working on, and on Christmas day I finally finished it. It was the infamous 25 days of Christmas, except I turned it into a video log almost. Everyday I filmed a little snapshot of what I did for the day and then compiled it into a big video.

Day 1: I got a new laptop
Day 2: I took club photos at AFHS
Day 3: Grams took us out to Texas Roadhouse
Day 4: Went to see "Krampus" with Kiefer
Day 5: Closed at Work
Day 6: LDS Christmas Devotional
Day 7: Relaxing spa day feat. Lush Bomb
Day 8: Canyon with Sister and friends
Day 9: Closed at Work
Day 10: Rainy Temple Square
Day 11: Sleepover with Kasey
Day 12: Chocolate chip cookies and movie marathon with dad
Day 13: Becca got married
Day 14: Packed and Shipped Mckay's package
Day 15: Finished Finals
Day 16: Thanksgiving Point Lights
Day 17: Met Joe at Huntsman
Day 18: Star Wars premiere
Day 19: Gift Wrapping
Day 20: Insane Snowfall & Singles ward
Day 21: Cookie day at the Dayleys
Day 22: Ice Skating with Addie and Emma
Day 23: Rogers family Christmas party
Day 24: Christmas eve PJ's

It was a more than joyful 25 days!!

Link to watch the video HERE


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