A Few of my Favorite Things

Writing letters
Waking up in a dew covered tent smelling like campfire
Driving with the windows down and the music LOUD
Stomping in puddles wearing a prom dress
The scent of fresh baked cookies
BLUE eyes
Photo strips
Gold glitter
Fortunes from chinese restaurants
Flannels and boots and scarves
Orange leaf spoons
Sweater Weather
Pink flowers
Holding hands
Hand sanitizer from bath and body works
Tiny boxes and things that fit in tiny boxes
Listening to my cat purr
My instagram feed
Thick comforters and wool socks
Cute boys that work at frozen yogurt shops
Making people feel special on their birthday
Concert Vibes
Polaroid photos
New journals
The names on paint chips
When the trees change colors
Fleece Blankets
The songs that match your heart beat
Phone calls and facetimes
Apple pie caramel apples
A White Christmas
Hearing my friends giggle
My dream closet on pinterest
Smiling at strangers
The 3 other family members that live with me


  1. I already said this, but I LOVE LISTS! We must be related.



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