**This post is 100% inspired by one of my best friends, Hayley Tanner ( Hayley's Blog )**

My nineteenth birthday was so spectacular!! I say every year "Best Birthday Ever". But this year was definitely the best ;)and in honor of being 19, here are nineteen things that I was grateful for/great things that happened today.

  1.  I got to sleep in 
  2. The note from my Mom 
  3. My institute friends remembered 
  4. The M&M's from the relief society 
  5. The facebook and instagram posts 
  6. The fact that I made it home from school with the gas light on
  7. My Family 
  8. I got my Senior Year scrapbook (printed by Mixbook
  9. I also got my first polaroid camera 
  10. Desi's Email 
  11. REALLY big "19" balloons 
  12. My dad's blood count numbers being the best they've ever been
  14. The doctors clearing my dad to be able to go to a movie (At the theater!) 
  15. Going to Texas Roadhouse with my cousins, Aunt, Mom, sister, and Grandma
  16. Bursting into tears getting the sweetest birthday email from Mckay 
  17. Having a Goldbergs and The Middle marathon with my parents  
  18. Using the "Fizzbanger" Bath bomb from Lush 
  19. AND NOW IM 19!!!!!!!!! 

I truly cannot express in words just how grateful I was for ALL of the texts, tweets, instagram posts and comments, and facebook posts and EVERYTHING that everybody did for me today! I wish I could hug everybody individually and tell you how much I cherish you!

Thank you!!!!!! It was truly a magnificent birthday!


  1. Polaroid camera??!!

    Also I am honored by this.
    You are the loveliest and the happiest Lizzie Morris.

  2. YES!!!

    So when do I get to see you miss Wendy?!



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