The Week of Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving week!!

This week there was so much to be thankful for...

Like the fact that my dad got to spend the holiday at home with us
and we got to eat a fantastic meal and watch movies together all day
and just the fact that I got to be with my family!!

We even decided that we are thankful for cancer. Because we have been a happier family because of it. We appreciate life and moments more, and we have become closer these past 2 years than we ever have been, and we have grown closer to God because of it. 

and the fact that I got to see my cousins and we did our annual black friday all nighter
and the fact that my cousins are some of my best friends 

and the fact that I got to see all of my girl friends AT THE SAME TIME
and we had a blast making a music video!


And I can't forget the fact that I have the best co-workers who keep me sane
and the fact that all my college classes got canceled last week and this week

So the point is that there really are a lot of things to be thankful for-if you try to look for them.
This is only a TINY portion of the things I was thankful for this week.

P.s. Yes my family is "Those People" who have their Christmas decorations up and Christmas music playing already. (and proud of it)

Showing off my Turkey Pilgrim socks


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