Knick Knacks

From a distance it looks like a cluttered shelf of a teenage girl who can't throw anything away.

Okay that statement is half true... (I;m just really sentimental) 

But it's not a cluttered shelf....

It's my very large collection of Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers and body mists,
A package ready to send to Mexico,
A book of love quotes all marked up,
A watercolor painting of my favorite night from senior year,
A broken drumstick from the best concert ever, 
A dried flower bouquet from a very creative night with friends,
A countdown to make the days seem faster,
Photostrips and polaroids of my favorite people,
A signed picture frame with kind words from my young women,
All of my corsages from high school dances,
Picture frames and photos given to me for my birthdays,
and my favorite quote embellished with gold glitter.

I call it my "Knick Knack" shelf, and it means a whole lot to me.


  1. I'm so glad you recorded this. I LOVE LISTS of things. They reveal so much about people.

  2. Oh my, did you do the watercolor??



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