I do this thing

I appreciate words more than anything! I love kind words! quotes, talks, letters, texts, etc.

The only problem with my love of words is that I love them so much I get intimidated by them.

Kinda how when you were in middle school and that guy that was at the top of your MASH list every time you played, talks to you and your brain literally shut down because oh my gosh pedestal boy talked to you! 

Well that's how I am with words... People are SO kind. REALLY! I can't even put into words (lol I literally can not) the gratitude I have for the sweet messages and advice and words of comfort I receive every day. 

I just do this thing... where I freak out and won't even OPEN the text message due to inability to know how to respond. It's ridiculous, really. 
But texts will just sit. 
On my phone. 
With the red notification badge in the top right corner. 
Just building. 
And building. 
Until a couple days later when I finally get the guts and fire reply that I needed 3 days ago to respond. 

But I also do this OTHER thing. Where I will read the text and mentally reply! MENTALLY REPLY!! That's NOT a thing! So then a couple hours later when I could have sworn I told Emma that I would meet her at the slurp-I come to find out that it was all a figure of my imagination and I actually can't send text messages with my mind. 
So this is kind of an explanation post. 
Kind of an apology post. 

I do this thing and that thing and then both of those things just lead to not good things and so I'm explaining and apologizing for the two things that I do that I shouldn't.


  1. Um hello lovely. You are the cutest and I'm so happy you are stepping in our footprints with blogging!! Cant wait to see more

  2. Darling! First of all, I absolutely love this beautiful blog, and this crazy cool photo of you. And now to your thoughts. I get it. I bet you are bombarded with words and people right now. And you are going through a lot of refining right now, which takes a lot of energy and fear and worry and all that. It's a crazy time and you're doing the best that you can. LOVE YOU!



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