Really Ready?

This weekend was unbelievably good and bittersweet! It was filled with screams and laughs and tears and goodbyes and my best friends.

Side note: Have you ever tried indoor stargazing?
Because you should. 

Who knew 400 glow in the dark plastic stars could be so magical in a basement.

Also, "The Visit" is the scariest movie I've ever seen. Just sayin. :End Side note.

But after many beautiful conversations with a lot of beautiful people, I kept hearing things like "I just needed one more semester of high school." or "I wish I would have lived at home for one semester."

This just got me thinking (Like most conversations do...)

Are we ever really ready for anything?

Are we ever REALLY ready or prepared for anything??

Are we ever really ready to graduate high school?
Or ready to go to college?
Are we ever really ready to say goodbye to our friends, no matter how far away they are?
Or say goodbye to best friends going on missions?
Are we ever really ready to move out?
or start providing for ourselves?
Are we ever fully prepared to present a school project?
Or serve fully in a church calling?
Or how about get promoted at a job?
Maybe make new friends?
Are we ever really ready for an emergency situation?
Like, a break in, or death of a loved one, etc.

The truth is-I don't think we are ever REALLY ready for any of those things, and I know that I have NEVER been truly deeply READY for any of the things above.

A lot of you could argue against me on a couple of those subjects.
But dig deep and truly ask yourself if you "felt" ready? Or if you were 100% physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for any of the above things?

If you were- GREAT! That's awesome.

But one of my favorite teachers once told me "You are never truly ready for anything. You just have to have faith, face it head on, and never give up."

A lot of things, I still have yet to figure out how to "be ready" for. Maybe for some things it is impossible.

But my basic life motto quote is-and always will be- "There is always room for improvement." 

Low key not ready to end this blog post...

So here's my shoutout to Jordan because he leaves for his mission on Wednesday and I was for sure not ready to say goodbye to him.


  1. I feel this. I was never really ready for any of this, so I just had to jump in with faith! Love you Liz!



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