Story Time [The Perfect Prom]

This is probably my most favorite story I will EVER write about.

Unfortunately, this is going to be my 2nd to last Story Time on this blog. My blog is going to get some serious renovations here coming soon, so you won't want to miss that!

This story time is about my senior Prom.

High School Musical 3 portrayed it best when they sang about it being the "night of nights."

Well my senior prom was everything I had dreamed it to be-AND MORE!!

My Prom actually started on Thursday, April 23rd. It was our day date!

So I had been "fasting" from fast food for the two weeks before prom, and Mckay told me he would take me to Wendy's before the day date! I was SO pumped!! FRENCH FRIES AND A CUTE BOY, DOES IT GET ANY BETTER-I SUBMIT IT DOES NOT. Let me tell ya, they were some of the best french fries I had ever had.

For our day date the 4 couples had to go shopping and get 4 dessert ingredients, and then one mystery ingredient to give to another couple. Then we had to bake a dessert with the 5 ingredients that we got. It was so creative and fun! Then we played Curses for about 2 hours, and that was hysterical.

Mckay had dropped me off after the date, we did the classic doorstep hug. Then I knew I wouldn't see him until Saturday because we had decided to not see each other until then-it really BUILT up the suspense, I actually loved that we did that.

When I walked inside my house, I was alone. It was very unusual because my dad ALWAYS waits up for me. I called my mom, and my dad had gotten a very high fever and was rushed to the emergency room. I was startled and when I got off the phone with her, I texted Mckay. He immediately called me and asked if I wanted him to drive me to the hospital. He is the most selfless person I know. However I did decline his offer knowing I would be there well into the night.

My dad ended up being admitted to the hospital and would not be released until Sunday... which meant he would miss me being picked up for prom.

We had stayed at the hospital until about 2 in the morning. So I obviously missed the first two periods the next day. That Friday morning I got another call from Mckay, then heard a knock on the door. It was him. Coming to check on me and make sure that I was okay. I was very emotional and may have cried at just the sight of him. But he ate cereal with me and then drove me to school. I was so grateful I couldn't even put it into words.

Saturday came and I was getting ready early, because the plan for the day was that Mckay would pick me up from the hospital so that my dad could see us. I had curled my hair, and finished my makeup. I went to put on my dress and when I zipped it up-It was too big!! Remember that "fast food fast"-It did it's job, a little too well. But it was an easy fix with some safety pins on the inside of my dress. Then I got a call.

It was my mom, saying that my dad was getting released right then!! I was in
instant tears hearing the news. My dad would get to see me off to my last high school dance, at my house!! My heart was so full and so thankful.

He got home just 20 minutes before Mckay came to pick me up!! TWENTY MINUTES!! Talk about impeccable timing!

Now here comes the BEST part! For those of you who have seen my "prom" video, you know what Mckay's reaction was when he came to pick me up. If you have not seen it: I highly recommend it


Now I had bought my dress 2 months in advance. (I'm THAT crazy girl) It was red and lace and had just the right amount of sparkle-it was basically perfect. And I had used those two months to tease the crap out of sweet Mckay. He wanted to see the dress so badly!

That moment when I walked down the stairs, was the most breathtaking moment. That was the first time he had gotten to see the dress, and his reaction couldn't have been any better!

Mckay jumped at every chance he got to tell me I looked beautiful that night. He escorted me everywhere, and if he wasn't escorting me he was holding my hand. I felt like a real life cinderella who hadn't lost her slipper.

Dancing with Mckay was quite surreal because we had gone to the first dance of the year together, and now we were ending the year together too. It truly was an indescribable feeling of pure elation. My smile never left my face.

After the dance it was raining, and Me being so unladylike, just wanted to go running through it and jump in the puddles. Mckay so graciously agreed and he held the back of my dress and ran WITH ME. It was like this beautiful movie moment that I wish I could have caught on camera, but knew that if I would have it wouldn't have been the same.

All in all, I have NO complaints about my senior prom.
It was thee happiest night of my life thus far.

When I got home my parents asked me "What was your favorite part?"
My reply to them was "Just being with Mckay."

Some very special photos from the MOST special night 

Getting ready for the night of nights 

My best sister friend

He was so proud of this one. He came up with it all on his own and it was adorable to see him see it through, and it turned out to be one of my favorite photos of the night. 


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