Story Time [Meet & Greet]

It was a dark and stormy day...

lol just kidding, there's a little Halloween spirit for ya this week!

It was actually a really bright and sunny Monday! July 15, 2013 to be exact.

It was the day that the Morris family was taking on New York! The ENTIRE Morris family! Our flight left at midnight that night, so needless to say we had some time to kill.

Shelby was in absolute agony not knowing how she could possibly survive without her best friend for an entire week! (severe winky face;)) So she decided to take me out for frozen yogurt right before I left.

This particular frozen yogurt shop was called "Orange Leaf"
(little did I know that would soon become one of the most near and dear places to my heart)

I was experiencing bliss finding out that they had pineapple and coconut SWIRLED!!! Could it get ANY better? I was leaving to New York that night, sitting with my best friend in the best frozen yogurt shop eating the most magnificent frozen yogurt I have ever eaten! Oh but it DID get better!!

While checking out, there just happened to be the CUTEST cashier working that day.

Meetiversary picture in the exact spot we met 2 years ago.
"Do you go to AF?" he kindly asked.
"Ya, do you go to AF?" I replied.
"What do you do?"
"Drumline, what do you do?"

That is basically how our conversation went. And at the last minute...
"What's your name?"
"Mckay. Mckay Matheson. and Yours?"
"Lizzie. Morris."

Shelby and I finished our yogurt and then I headed out to New York that night. I had almost forgotten about the whole thing, except he was too dang cute.

*8 months later*

I saw Mckay sitting outside the school, It looked like he was about to be picked up.
"Hi Mckay!" I yelled from across the lawn.
We started talking for a little bit. I found out he was on his way to D.C. I was infinity jealous because that is my dream vacation! We exchanged numbers and he assured me he would send me pictures of his trip!

Pretty soon school was out and summer was beginning! I had made minimal trips to Orange Leaf. Like times after sporting events, or after yearbook deadlines, or the occasional lonely movie night that only pineapple and coconut yogurt could fix. But he ALWAYS happened to be there!

Then about midsummer, I get a random text from Mckay. It went something like "Hey I get off work at 8 on (whatever day) and I was wondering if you wanted to come in after I get off and we could hang out for a bit?"

I gladly accepted his invitation and the whatever day came and I was so nervous to go! This was going to be the first time we have ever hung out.

We ended up sitting on one of the orange couches for two and a half hours and we talked the ENTIRE time. In fact, we ran out of time instead of things to say.

That summer I found myself retreating to that frozen yogurt shop more often then not. I would talk myself into "needing" a cup of pineapple and coconut swirled yogurt, when the reality of it was I was catching the feels for a really cute boy.

The summer ended and Senior Year started and then he asked me to Homecoming!

and the rest is history. Really awesome history!


  1. 1. I'm awesome for introducing you to orange leaf and basically I'm the reason y'all met;) even tho I made you eat a mocchi and you almost barfed
    2. Orange leaf better cater your wedding
    3. I heart you two.

  2. #2 by shelby is the most accurate thing haha, that would be so great and funny. The more I read your blog the more I want you two to get married.



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