Story Time [Homecoming 2014]

My very first and last homecoming was to be held on September 19th, 2014. All I wanted was to get asked to the dance! I had been eyeing a purple dress on the internet for months (yes I was one of those crazies who shopped before I had a date and way too far in advance) 

But it was most unexpected when a curly head drummer boy had dropped a bowl of my favorite frozen yogurt on my porch to ask me. 

My immediate reaction looked like the emoji with big eyes and gaping mouth, the one that looks like "The Scream" painting. 

I was terrified and excited and my stomach was in knots and had butterflies. 
I then replied to Mckay and surprised him at work (if you haven't caught on, Orange leaf is a really special place to us-but that will be saved for a different story time) 

The day of homecoming finally arrived! To say I was "nervous" was and UNDERSTATEMENT!! I was petrified. We had our day date that morning at the space center (BEST day date I have EVER done!) Let me tell ya, cramming six 18 year olds onto a spaceship meant for middle schoolers, is quite comedic. 

You can guess how long it took me to get ready. I was a ball of the nerves the entire time and couldn't get my hands to stop shaking while curling my hair (many burns were inflicted, but beauty is pain, am I right?) 

He came to pick me up and immediately won over my dad with a firm handshake, a big smile (he has the sweetest smile), and the classic question "What time do you want her home by?" 

The agenda on the night's schedule was pictures, dinner, dance. Pictures were great! Dinner was great! Dance was BEST. 

Parking for the dance was a nightmare, especially because it was at the Provo library and there was a concert going on the same night down the street. We had to park 4 blocks away! (Note: This is the FIRST dance that I have ever worn heels to) 

Mckay. His middle name might as well be Gentleman. Mckay Gentleman Matheson. Has a nice ring to it. Mckay immediately held out his arm to escort me the 4 blocks and into the dance. It was a pleasant 4 blocks that I took for granted then. 

I remember while being escorted by my wonderful date, he leaned over and whispered into my ear "You look so beautiful" 

Now remember that I thing I do? The scary words thing? Ya it happened. I froze and it took me a solid 60 SECONDS to reply!! Now I know that is only 1 minute. But imagine this. He is escorting me, being a perfect gentleman and complimenting his date. Then all of the sudden she stops talking! Immediately after he just complimented me. I can only imagine the terror of thoughts that were running through his head until I was finally able to spit out the words "OH, thank you, you look very handsome as well." 

But the dance was wonderful! Awkward at times (This is our FIRST date people, big deal) But dancing with Mckay was... Fun! Not gonna lie, it bugged me when I realized it because I had no intention of falling for this kid. This was a strictly friends date only! 

But I was laughing-No I was giggling all night. He made me feel free and safe and me. I was more me that night of Homecoming than I had ever been on any other first date. 

We were singing to slow songs and coming up with matching dances to the fast ones. It was truly enjoyable. 

But then. DUN DUN DUN (scary music) On the car ride home, sitting in the back seat (on separate sides of the car I might add) Out of the corner of my eye, I see a hand. Mckay's hand. He went for it.
He went in for the kill! He WANTED TO HOLD MY HAND. 

This fear surpassed any fear that I had gone through getting ready for the date. I started to sweat! I clamped my hands together and shoved them between my knees, for the ENTIRE 30 minute car ride. We made playful conversation and it wasn't as awkward on the outside as it was in my head and I'm sure in his head. 

But I'm glad I didn't hold his hand that night. I would have never gotten the best second date ever! (Also for another Story Time) 

I don't remember the doorstep drop off or any details that came after the dance. But I remember walking in and my parents ambushing me at the door with a million questions about how it went. And after they ran out of question they had endless compliments to say about him. They ADORED Mckay! For days after the dance they wouldn't stop telling me how great of a guy he was, and how sweet and charming he was, and they just wanted to know if I would date him again. 

On the inside I was falling for that curly head boy. But I wasn't about to let anyone know that-not for a month at least ;) 

I later found out that Mckay was considering asking me and another girl to homecoming that year. He asked me because I had said no to another date he had asked me on that summer. I have never been so grateful to have said no to a date. 

Mckay and I still laugh about how funny and awkward and crazy and enjoyable that dance was. Soon after homecoming we became "Us". 
But that'll be saved for a different story time. 


  1. When does the next episode of story-time come out??? You just replaced my Netflix Lizzie Morris.



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