Story Time [First Kiss Bliss]

Alright here we go!!

The head honcho of stories is here! ;)

October 24th was the night before the Sadies dance. I was taking one of my best friends Jared Baird. However Jared couldn't go to the day date that night because he was out of town for football (still a miracle he made it home for the dance the next day.) So Mckay so willingly stepped in to take the place as my date for the evening.

We went to the Curiosity Museum at Thanksgiving Point. I'm pretty sure we were the ONLY 18 year olds there!! (Besides Jace and Candice). But they don't call it the curiosity museum for nothing! Me and Mckay were running around like children exploring different exhibits and finding new things to play on!!

For all of my date dances I film a music video-and for some reason I had decided to film that entire date! So I have footage of us acting like curious kids-and LOVING it!!

Our personal favorite exhibits were ones like the sand building station (we spent a solid 20 minutes there), the physics room where you got to see how stuff worked and it had a bunch of optical illusions and scientific stuff, and the coloring room (again another 20 minutes and some beautiful art).

But the icing on the cake for Mckay (besides being with me of course;)) was the Musical Room! This was like a tiny dose of heaven for Mckay. Not only was there an electric piano and a harp with laser strings-but there was a DRUM ROOM!! An ENTIRE room with drums all along the wall! You could adjust the speed and tempo and which drum would play when and Mckay could have sat there for hours creating an infinite amount of new songs.

After being forced to leave the museum because it was closing time, we went to Candice's house and watched a movie. I don't even remember what movie-I just remember that the ACT was the next morning so I had to take Mckay home early so we could get enough sleep that night.

Around 9:30 I pulled into Mckay's culdesac and we ended up talking in my car for 40 minutes! It was a great conversation (ANY conversations we had were SPECTACULAR, and every new one we had would become my new favorite).

At about 10:15 I was urging Mckay to go inside and go to bed, knowing quite well that he likes to go to bed early and get a full 8 hours of sleep before testing days. So I very kindly said "Okay Mckay, you should probably go now, we have the ACT in the morning and I don't want either of us to be tired."

He just sat there.

Doing nothing.

With his eyes closed.

In my head I was thinking "MOVE. DO SOMETHING!!!"

But he just sat.

I finally said again "Mckay you need to go."

And with one swift move he pushed his hand behind my neck and planted one on me!! Totally catching me off guard!


I think I said something really stupid after like "Did that really just happen?!"
But I vividly remember sitting in my car and both of us giggling and grinning ear to ear and looking into each others eyes and laughing some more. The feeling was that of pure elation-PURE BLISS!!!

We both got out and I gave him a goodbye hug and he kissed me again!!

Then (I wish so badly I could remember this part of the story-But Mckay remembers it well and has told me many times) He said that halfway up his driveway I was still waiting in front of my car (giggling-cuz lets be honest when was I not giggling with him.) and he said he came back down the driveway to kiss me AGAIN!!!

The drive home that night consisted of INTENSE butterflies that left me shaky in the best way, sweaty palms and a permanent smile, and me screaming to myself "OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!!!" over and over and over.

Mckay said that his entire family happened to be home that weekend, and when he walked inside he didn't even have to say anything. He said he turned around at the door and had the slap happiest grin on his face and they all knew what had happened.

I was Mckay's very first kiss that night. And honestly after the way I felt- you would have guessed he was mine.

Happy Story Time Tuesday! Now the real question is-what do you guys want to hear next week? 


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